Our design consultant will visit with you and evaluate the area to help determine what product/s would work best in your situation. 

Hardness Testing

We will conduct several hardness tests at each visit both at the in-home and on the install day. These determine if your concrete is going to be suitible for the installation of the Polyurea product itself.


Time will be spent discussing the design and features that the product has available. Also we will show you any additional add-ons that might be appropriate.

Moisture Testing

On every project we conduct several moisture tests. It is imparative for a proper install that the installation of the Polyurea occur on a moisture free surface and we go to great lengths to ensure that!

Measuring​ & Evaluation

We will measure out the area and determine if there is any features that may prevent or interfere with the overall application or install process.

Questions & Paperwork

After the product is determined, color is decided upon and testing is completed we can then answer any last minute questions you may have, have you sign paperwork and determine install day!

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