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The product we use in the majority of our projects is Polyurea, Polyurea has historically been used in not only commercial applications for its reliable waterproofing abilities but you can also find it in the back of many truck beds as a spray-in bed liner like LINE-X or Rhino liner. The version we use is a bit different but it still holds some of the valuable properties that are desired when using Polyurea which are the abrasion & impact resistance, waterproofing abilities, and longevity. Now Polyurea itself is pretty basic in color generally seen in clear, grey, brown or black. For some folks that is just fine but we find that a majority of our customers like to enhance on those colors which is why we offer a variety of colors in our Evolution system which can be found below. The colors we offer are tried and tested and complement nicely in all our projects and we think you'd agree! We can, however, provide additional color combinations for custom type applications for use as school or company colors, it should be noted that these custom colors will require some time in receiving and may not match the exact colors 100%.   

Chip Colors

The Evolution System

Evolution Domino
Evolution Driftwood
Evolution Slate Stone
Evolution Mediterranean
Evolution Pebble Beach
Evolution Silver Creek
Evolution Sandstone
Evolution Smoke

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Polyurea is a unique product that has for a long time been used commercially with excellent results. It has had similar success in residential applications as a far superior product to that of its predecessors. Traditionally for concrete coating, the choice was oftentimes an epoxy type product which not only was extremely time-consuming for installation but far less forgiving if accidents did occur on it down the road. Epoxy has one major flaw which makes it actually a very poor choice in coating concrete which coincidently has the same flaw. Both epoxy and concrete take an extremely long time to cure whereas Polyurea only takes about 24 hours to fully cure. Additionally, Polyurea is about 4 times stronger than epoxy which tends to become brittle and chip or break over time.     

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